Children's Music

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101 Dalmations  Walt Disney                          
101 Dalmations Walt Disney
101 Golden Nursery Songs Walt Disney
Abiyoyo Pete Seeger
Adventures in Agapeland Candle-Picture Disc
Alice In Wonderland Disneyland (gatefold and booklet)
Amazing Adventures Of Pac-Man  
America Sings  Disney
Angels, Lambs and Ladybugs Fred Bock
Animals and Other Things Candle
Animal Supermarket-10" Children's Record Guild w/pic sleeve-2 lp's
Antshillvania Candle
Aristocrats Disney
A Visit To The Zoo Peter Pan Records-(Story by Paul


Babes In Toyland Disney, w/ Ray Bolger, Annette, Tommy Sands, Ed Wynn
Baby Face Activities For Infants and Toddlers-by Georgiana Stewart
Bambi Walt Disney (gatefold w/booklet)
Beauty and the Beast/Princess Moonbeam Let's Pretend Series
Bert and Ernie Sing Along Sesame Street
Bible Song Sing-A-Long Maranatha-Scripture Memory Made Easy Through 24 Fun Songs
Bird Dance The Emeralds (K-Tel)
Birthday Party (The) Musical-Candle
Black Beauty Walt Disney-w/booklet
Black Hole (The) Walt Disney                
Boatniks (The) Walt Disney                
Bozo's Christmas Sing Along (Larry Harmon) Peter Pan Records-(cut-out included)
Brer Rabbitt Walt Disney                
Bugs Bunny Comes to London (English import)
Bullfrogs and Butterflies Candle
Bullfrogs and Butterflies Candle
Bullfrogs and Butterflies, Prt 2 Candle
Bullfrogs and Butterflies, Prt 3 Candle
California Raisons Meet The Raisons
Camp Song Sing-A-Long Maranatha Kids
Candle Classics The Story of Little Tree
Canston Thorndike and The Dragon  
Captain Kangaroo Sing Songs Of The Treasure House
Captain Kangaroo Songs and Dances
Captain Kangaroo Captain Kangaroo's TV Party
Captain Kangaroo Good Morning, Captain
Captain Kangaroo Treasure House
Captain Kangaroo Sings The Horse In The Striped Pajamas
Care Bears Care For You
Casper the Friendly Ghost Golden Records
Casper, the Friendly Ghost Haunted House Tales
Charlie The Hamsters Campmeeting Floyd Robinson
Children Are People Too Tony Randall
Children's Bibe In Stories and Pictures 2 lp boxed set
Children's Bible Stories Narrated and Dramatized by Wendell Loveless
Chipmunks-(David Seville) Sing Again With The Chipmunks
Chipmunks Chipmunks A Go Go
Chipmunks Christmas With The Chipmunks
Chipmunks Chipmunks A Go Go
Chipmunks The Chipmunks See Doctor Doolittle
Chipmunks The Chipmunks Sing With Children
Chipmunks Chipmunk Punk
Chipmunks Chipmunk Rock
Chipmunks Let's All Sing With The Chipmunks
Chipmunks The Chipmunks Sing With Children
Chipmunks Songbook
Chipmunks A Chipmunk Christmas w/booklet
Chipmunks Christmas With The Chipmunks Vol. 2
Chipmunks Sing Again With The Chipmunks
Christian Mother Goose Album  
Cinderella Walt Disney                
Cinderella-10" Children's Record Guild w/pic sleeve-2 lp's
Cinderella Walt Disney (gatefold w/ booklet)           
Colby's Missing Memory Maranatha Music
Congo Boy (45) An African folk tale (Scholastic Records) narrated by Bob Chapman
Critter Country Christine Wyrtzen-
Daniel, Darius and DeLion By Sue Farrar
Disney Picture Disc Collection (Boxed Set) Lady and the Tramp/Pinocchio/Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Disney Children's Favorites, Vol. 1 Walt Disney                
Disney-The Best of Disney Volume 1 Walt Disney
Disney Children's Favorites, Vol. 1 Walt Disney                
Disney Children's Favorites, Vol. 2 Walt Disney                
Disney Children's Favorites, Vol. 3 Walt Disney                
Disney Family Favorites Walt Disney                
Disney's Happiest Songs Walt Disney                
Doctor Doolittle  
Down By The Creek Bank By Dottie Rambo
Dreams, Tales, and Lullabies David Edwards
Dumbo Walt Disney                
Duncan, Lesley Sing Children Sing
Electric Company (The) Children's Television Workshop
Everybody Cries Sometimes Patty Zeitlin,Marcia Berman
Fairyland Express-45 Cricket Records w/ picture sleeve
(The) Fox and the Hound Walt Disney
Kids From Fame same
Kids From Fame same
Kids From Fame Songs
Family Reunion Walt Disney                
Feeling Good With Annie  
Fox and the Hound-Picture Disc Walt Disney                
Fox and the Hound Walt Disney                
Free Design Kites Are Fun
Free To Be You And Me Marlo Thomas
Frosty's Winter Wonderland Narrated by Andy Griffith
Fun With Music Walt Disney
Gay Purr-ee Judy Garland, Robert Goulet
Get On Board Children Musical
Ghost Stories For Young People Alfred Hitchcock
Gingerbrook Fare Light Records
Gingerbrook Fare A Circus Full of Fun and Learning
God's Kids Written by Rick and Sylvia Powell
Good Night, Sleep Tight A Treasury of Lullabies and Songs
Grasshopper and the Ants Walt Disney                
Great, Late Potentate (The) A Childrens Musical For Christmas
Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln Walt Disney
Great Muppet Caper Soundtrack
Green Hornet (The) slef titled
Grunsky, Jack Imaginary Window
Hans Brinker and the Silver Skates Walt Disney
Hansel and Gretel Walt Disney -w/ Booklet               
Hansel and Gretel Walt Disney                
Happiest Millionaire (Songs From) Walt Disney
Haunted House Walt Disney                
Hector, the Stowaway Pup Walt Disney
Heidi Walt Disney                
Hi-Ho Mary Martin Sings and Swings Walt Disney Favorites
Hobbit and The Fellowship Of The Ring J.R.R. Tolkien
Hobbit (The) Disneyland Records-w/12 page booklet
Hokey Pokey-45 Cricket Records w/ picture sleeve
How The Grinch Stole Christmas-(Picture Disc)  
I Am God's Project Musical-(Birdwing)
I'm Something Special Songs for Children by Bill and Gloria Gaither-sung by the Rick Powell Children's Choir
In Harmony Various Artists
In Harmony 2 Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, James Taylor, etc.
In The Beginning, God Created..Plan A by John and Phyllis Miller
Irwin the Disco Duck Very Best of-(Peter Pan Records)
It's A Small World Walt Disney                
It's A Small World Walt Disney                
It's Cool In The Furnace Children's Musical
I Want You-Musical-A Musical About the Man Who Changed the World Ralph Carmichael conducting
Jack and the Beanstalk-45 Cricket Records w/ picture sleeve
Jambo and Other Call and Response Songs and Chants Ella Jenkins
Jesus Loves Me-45 Cricket Records w/ picture sleeve
Jetsons (The) First Family On The Moon
Jetsons (The) 12 Inch Maxi-Single
John Denver and the Muppets A Christmas Together
Johnny Appleseed-45 Cricket Records w/ picture sleeve-Dennis Day
Just So Stories Disney-The Cat That Walked By Himself/The Elephants Child-Rudyard Kipling
Just So Stories  Disney-The Cat That Walked By Himself/ The Elephants Child-Narrated by Rudyard Kipling-Book and Record
Just Us Kids Ken Medema and Friends
Kid's Bible Club At Christmastime
Kid's Christmas Sing-A-Long

(Maranatha Music)

Album is in split-track Stereo
Kid's Praise Maranatha
Kid's Praise 3 Maranatha
Kid's Praise 2 Maranatha
Kid's Praise 5 Psalty's Camping Adventure..Count It All Joy
Kid's Praise 4 Singsational Servants (Maranatha)
Kid's Praise 5 Maranatha
Kids Of The Kingdom Annie Herring (SEALED)
Kids Of The Kingdom Follow The Leader-Annie Herring
Kid's Under Construction w/ songbook and activity packet
Lady and the Tramp Disney
Lapland Baltimore and Ohio Marching Band
Legend Of Sleepy Hollow Walt Disney
Let's Pretend Douban the Physician/Aladdin & The Wonderful Lamp
Let's Pretend Faithful John/Jack and the Beanstalk
Let's Pretend Hansel & Gretel/Three Golden Hairs
Let's Sing Fingerplays Tom Glazer
Listen to the Lambs Children's Christmas Musical, by Vera Neff
Little Big Lunch Musical-Sonny Salsbury
Littlest Outlaw (The Story Of The) Walt Disney
Little Toot (and other Disney Classics self titled
Little White Duck Burl Ives
Lolliwinks self titled
Lone Ranger (The) self titled
Look At Me Kathy Poelker
Lullabies & Nursery Rhymes Candle
Macmillan Sing and Learn Social Skills
Macmillan Sing and Learn Holiday Songs
Macmillan Sing and Learn Self Concept
Macmillan Sing and Learn Large Motor Skills
Macmillan Sing and Learn Nursery Rhymes
Macmillan Sing and Learn Language Skills
Macmillan Sing and Learn Animals
Macmillan Sing and Learn A Healthy Body
Macmillan Sing and Learn Listening
Macmillan Sing and Learn Small Motor Skills
Macmillan Sing and Learn Seasonal Songs
Macmillan Sing and Learn Reading Readiness
Macmillan Sing and Learn Make Believe
Macmillan Sing and Learn Colors and Shapes
Macmillan Sing and Learn Community Helpers
Macmillan Sing and Learn Families
Macmillan Sing and Learn Following Directions
Macmillan Sing and Learn Feelings
Macmillan Sing and Learn Classroom Games
Macmillan Sing and Learn Quiet Times
Macmillan Sing and Learn Our Earth
Macmillan Sing and Learn Movement/Fitness
Macmillan Sing and Learn Counting and Numbers
Macmillan Sing and Learn Storytelling
Make A Joyful Noise...Introducing Colby Maranatha Music
Make It Clear A Musical On Sharing Your Faith In Christ-by Bill Butterworth
Marcy Happiness Is Singing With Marcy
 Marcy Christmas Is On It's Way
Marcy Talks With The Animals
Marcy Sings Nursery Rhymes
Marcy Marcy Sings
Marcy Wear A Smile
Mary Poppins Walt Disney  (gatefold with booklet)             
Mary Poppins Picture Disc
Mary Had a Little Lamb (Christmas Musical by Dan Barker) Dan Barker
McCurdy, Ed Children's Songs
Meet Our Neighborhood Helpers Lynn Glaser
Meet The Raisons California Raisons
Mickey and the Beanstalk Walt Disney                
Mickey Mouse Club self titled-Disneyland Records
Mickey Mouse and His Friends Walt Disney
Mickey Mouse Splashdance Walt Disney
Mickey Mouse Disco Walt Disney
Mills, Hayley Let's Get Together
Miracles "n" Things Featuring the Singspiration Kids
Miss Piggy's Aerobique Exercise Workout Album Muppets
Mister Mustache & Co. Shine, Shine, Shine
Mister Rogers Come On and Wake Up
Mister Rogers Won't You Be My Neighbor
More Stories For Children Aunt Theresa
Movin' Right Along With Me Michael and Jill Gallina
Mr. Mustache & Co. Shine, Shine, Shine
Multiplication Rock From the TV Series
Muppet Movie (The) Muppets
Muppet Show (The) 2
Music Machine Candle
Music Machine Pt. 2 Candle
Nathaniel The Grublet Candle w/Dean Jones
New Alice In Wonderland  
One and Only Original Christmas Factory (The)- Musical Words and Music by Kathie Hill and Kay DeKalb Smith-arranger by David Clydesdale
Papa John's Musical Garden  
Pastoral Symphony (The) (From Fantasia)

Disneyland Records

Patch The Pirate Goes To The Jungle w/booklet
Patty, Sandi  Sandi Patty and the Friendship Company
Penner, Fred The Polka Dot Pony
Peter and the Magic Seeds  
Pete's Dragon Walt Disney                
Peter and The Wolf Walt Disney                
Peter and the Wolf Walt Disney                
Peter Pan Walt Disney-(gatefold w/ booklet)
Peter Pan-45 Cricket Records w/ picture sleeve
Pete's Dragon Disney
Pied Piper-45 w/picture sleeve
Pinocchio Walt Disney (gatefold with booklet)              
P.J. and the Sonlife Kids Paul Johnson
Polka Dot Bear-The Story of Creation Barry McGuire
Polisar, Barry Louis Captured "Live" and In The Act
Polisar, Barry Louis My Brother Thinks He's A Banana
Polka Dot Pony (The) Fred Penner
Pollyanna Walt Disney                
Popeye the Sailor Man Peter Pan Records
Pretend Hap Palmer
Prince and the Pauper Walt Disney                
Princess and the Pea/The House In The Woods Let's Pretend series
Prism Blue  
Professor Ludwig von Drake Walt Disney
Psalty's Christmas Calamity Kid's Praise Christmas
Psalty's Singalongathon Maranatha Marathon Hallelujah Jubilee Maranatha Records
Psalty's Mighty Mini-Musicals Gr-r-owing Up In God, and Kids. Praise-a-Luia
Pufnstuff self titled
Raffi Baby Beluga
Raggedy Ann & Andy Birthday Party
Rainbow Express Musical About Noah
Read and Hear 3 Little Pigs/Little Red Riding Hood/The Wizard of Oz-Book and Record
Rescuers Walt Disney                
Robin Hood Walt Disney                
Robinson Crusoe Walt Disney                
Rock-afire Explosion Gee, Our 1st Album
Rock On The Head Musical about David and Goliath-Don


Romper Room Visits Mother Goose in Nursery Land Peter Pan Records
Rosenshontz Tickles You
Runaway (The) The Story of Jonah
Sally The Swinging Snake Hap Palmer
SAM Musical-The Story of the Good Samaritan
Santabear's First Christmas Narration by Kelly McGillis, Music by Michael Hedges
Secrets of the Kingdom Musical-Picture Disc
Sesame Street Fair Is Fair
Sesame Street  Everybody's Record
Sesame Street 2 Book and Record Album
Sesame Street Christmas Eve On Sesame Street
Sesame Street Bert and Ernie Sing Along
Sesame Street Sing The Hit Songs of Sesame Street
Sesame Street Follow That Bird movie soundtrack
Sesame Street David-Daydreamin' On A Rainy Day
Sesame Street The Anniversary Album-2 lp's
Sesame Street Sesame Country
Sesame Street Just Friends- 2 lp's-Big Bird/ Oscar the Grouch
Sesame Street Just The Two Of Us- 2 lp's-Cookie Monster/Grover
Sesame Street 10th Anniversary Album
(The) Simon Sisters Sing For Children Simon, Lucy and Carly
Sing a Song of Sixpence-45 w/picture sleeve
Sing 'n' Celebrate For Kids-2 lp's self titled
Sir Oliver's Song Candle
Sleeping Beauty Walt Disney                
Sleeping Beauty-10" Children's Record Guild w/pic sleeve-2 lp's
Smurfs All Star Show self titled
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Walt Disney  (gatefold w/booklet)            
Social Skills Macmillan Sing & Learn Program
Songs To Grow On 86 Songs For Preschoolers-2 lp's
Splashdance-Mickey Mouse  
Staying Cool at School Billy B.
Step Into the Sonshine Musical
Stories of Aesop Walt Disney-Narrated by Sterling Holloway
Story of California (The) Walt Disney (w/booklet)
Story of Little Tree (The) Candle
Story of the Littlest Outlaw Walt Disney
Story Tellin' Man (The) Ken Medema
Stranger in the Straw Christmas Musical by Vera Neff
Strawberry Shortcake Picture Disc (Limited Eddition)
Sunshine and Snowflakes Childrens Musical
Super Gift From Heaven Fred Bock and Betty Hager
Swamp Fox-45-6 Songs Songs of the Revoltionary War
Swiss Family Robinson Walt Disney                
(The)Birthday Party Musical-Candle
The Clock That Went Backward-10" Children's Record Guild w/pic sleeve-2 lp's
The Electric Company  self titled
The Family Album The Filling Station Presents....(featuring th eInk Blots)
The Feel Of Music Hap Palmer
The One and the Only Genuine , Original Family Band Walt Disney
The Prince And The Pauper Walt Disney                
Three Blind Mice-45 w/picture sleeve
Three Little Pigs-45 Cricket Records w/ picture Sleeve
Three Little Pigs Walt Disney                
Three Ring Saturday-(Gingerbrook Fare) Musical-Agapeland
Tickly Toddle Songs For Very Young Children
Tinder Box/The Golden Fleece Let's Pretend series
Treasure Island Walt Disney
Treasury of Mother Goose  27 Nursery Rhyme Favorites-Book and Record
Tubby The Tuba Walt Disney-(Narrated by Annette)
Twinkle, Twinkle. Little Star Christmas Musical by Cam and Cher Floria
Uncle Remus Walt Disney
Vinegar Boy Easter Musical for Children's Choir
Walt Disney's Happiest Songs Walt Disney                
Walter The Waltzing Worm Hap Palmer
We All Live Together Vol. 1 Steve Millang and Greg Scelsa
Weather Songs Tom Glazer-from Ballads For The Age of Science
What's New Corky Musical-by Flo Price
Winnie The Pooh Jack Gilford
Winnie The Pooh narrated by Maurice Evans
Winnie The Pooh Narrated and Sung by Carol Channing (Caedmon)
Winnie The Pooh Disney
Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree Disney
Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Disneyland Records
Wizard Of Oz Original Soundrack
Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm Boxed Set w/ hard back book
Woody Woodchuck Sings Bible Stories Floyd Robinson
Wordbirds and Radio J-O-Y Featuring Rupoert and Priscilla
Wyatt Earp-45 Cricket Records- w/ picture sleeve
Yankee Doodle Mickey Walt Disney-14 Patriotic Song Favorites
Zack Jr. A Folk Musical for Junior Choir-by Jack Coleman
10 " Records-Most With Solid Picture Sleeves  
Oh Susanna/Old McDonald Had A Farm-(Orange vinyl) Billy Williams and His Cowboy Rangers
Cinderella-10" Children's Record Guild w/pic sleeve-2 lp's
Sleeping Beauty-10" Children's Record Guild w/pic sleeve-2 lp's
The Clock That Went Backward-10" Children's Record Guild w/pic sleeve-2 lp's
Animal Supermarket-10" Children's Record Guild w/pic sleeve-2 lp's
Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer/If It Doesn't Snow On Christmas-(Humpty Dumpty Records) Gene Autry
Frosty The Sno Man/When Santa Claus Gets Your Letter Gene Autry
Here Comes Santa Claus/He's A Chubby Little Fellow Gene Autry
Pancho The Circus Donkey/The Three Bears and Goldilocks Picture Sleeve Only-(Peter Pan Records)
Happy Birthday To You-(red vinyl) Peter Pan Players-(Peter Pan Records)
Suzy Snowflake/Little Red Riding Hood's Christmas Tree Rosemary Clooney
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus/Jingle Bells/Adest Fideles Betty Jane
White Christmas//Jingle Bells/Adeste Fideles Jack Russell/Caroleers-(Peter Pan Records)
The Night Before Christmas Song/Look Out The Window Gene Autry/Rosemary Clooney
Pancho The Circus Donkey/Goldilocks and the Three Bears Jack Arthur-(Peter Pan Records)
Marching Songs Jack Arthur-(Peter Pan Records}